Can I interest you in a sarcastic comment?

Audrey. 23. France.

Classic movies, high fashion and ice hockey.

LOST, How I Met Your Mother, Mad Men, The L Word, Community, FRIENDS, Misfits, The Pacific, Band of Brothers, Sex and the City, E.R., Game of Thrones, Downton Abbey, Alphas, Sherlock, The West Wing, The Newsroom, Project Runway, Lip Service, Sirens, Bad Education, Battlestar Galactica, The Mindy Project, Elementary, My Mad Fat Diary, Orange Is The New Black, and many others.

Riot Grrrl.

I don't take it seriously.
Cleek on me
I want the jaw droppin'

11 questions for 11 people.

  1. One word or idiom you over-use
  2. Two radically different songs you like
  3. Three books you read more than once
  4. Four fictional characters you’d hang out with daily
  5. Five famous people you’d invite for a drink
  6. Six items you couldn’t live without
  7. Favorite TV show(s)?
  8. What’s the movie you watch when you’re sad?
  9. You meet a producer in the street, he offers you a record deal. Do you accept? If yes, what’s the first song you’d cover for your album?
  10. Is there something you really love, but feel ashamed to admit it? 
  11. You’ve been asked to go on a mission for the NASA that requires you to stay in space for 2 years. You’ll earn 1 million dollars, but you’ll be the only female on board, and no one is from the same country as you, or speak your language. Do you take it?
  12. Bonus question! The government of your country has collapsed because of a revolution led by robots. You’re the only human they trust, and they are willing to take you in their new government. Your best friend, who’s leading the remaining humans, asks you to destroy them. What do you do?

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